Iruka Yochien

Full Japanese Immersion Preschool in Hacienda Heights, CA

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知 ・ 徳 ・ 体

いるか幼稚園は、キリスト教精神に基づいた 三育教育(知育、  徳育、体育)を土台として楽しく学び、元気に遊び、思いやりのある優しい心の育成を目指しています。これら3つの要素は、人間の育成において、 欠くことのできない重要な要素だと考えています。「知育」・「徳育」・「体育」の円満な発達を目指す三育学院で学んだ子ども達は、 きっと明るい未来へ向かって羽ばたいてゆくと信じています。

知 (Intellectual Education)

徳 (Spiritual Education)
体 (Physical Education)

​いるか幼稚園はロマリンダ医科大学(Loma Linda University)をはじめ, 全世界に5000校以上の大学、小中高、幼稚園を姉妹校として持つ三育学院です。

 Iruka Yochien is a full immersion Japanese preschool based upon the Saniku Education philosophy of three valued principles: Intellectual, Spiritual and Physical Education. Iruka Yochien strives to teach children to enjoy learning, playing cheerfully with humility, and consideration for others.

Intellectual Education
Our goal is to foster intellectual curiosity and motivation and live cooperatively with nature.
We believe learning through experience, such as playing and listening to life stories, observing animals and insects and mastering fundamentals will stimulate a child's intellectual curiosity. 

Spiritual Education
We believe in learning about God's love through Bible stories.
Through prayer and Bible stories, children will grow a positive relationship with God and develop Christian values of kindness, love, and patience. 

Physical Education
A strong body and healthy social skills is important for young children.
We teach children the fundamentals of social interactions such as playing nicely, sharing, and group play.
We also emphasize the importance of a healthy and clean lifestyle through physical activity and personal hygiene.


Iruka Yochien started in 2003 with five students and a vision to provide Japanese language and culture to the community. In 2007, Iruka built the current playground. In 2012, in order to accommodate the growing number of students, Iruka self financed and built four new classrooms. Because of the unique curriculum, Iruka now has many students from throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange County. 

Iruka Yochien Preschool is a sister-school of Saniku Gakuin which holds over 5000 universities, middle and elementary schools around the world including Loma Linda University, CA.